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  • Karola Siimson

PLAY with paint

If you struggle in your creative process you can do this simple thing as I did in this video: I took some watercolor and diluted it on my palette (choose the color that describes your mood or think of a color that you might be needing at this moment. For palette you can use a simple white plate) and then I just played with the paint 👀 I was amazed by those beautiful shapes that appeared again and again. It's like beauty is revealing itself from the random chaos, we just have to attract it out with our special touch 👩‍🎨

These shapes reminded me of trees or rivers and I played there for almost 30 minutes like this 😅 Then I got bored and wanted a bright and warm color instead of this gray. Later I realized that it was like a meditation: I was 100% focused on this play of paint and I kinda forgot all my other thoughts and problems for that time 🙃

So, have fun! Clear your head and all the fuzz disappears, at least for a moment 👌


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