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  • Karola Siimson

Having some fun with colors and random lines 👩‍🎨

For me, most of the times it's all about the process and just being in the flow and enjoying the beauty of colors 🎨

Actually the final result rarely matters for me 🤔 It's like building something, for example a table: yes, in the end, there is a practical value in it but what happened during the building time, can be priceless - when you have created something with someone, it connects you with the other person or with yourself. You don't care how the table looks like, It's just a table. The lessons you learn from that process are more valuable than the table itself 🧐 and in art the FEAR of FAILING is the biggest creativity killer at all 😩 But if you don't have any expectations, then you will succeed every time!!! You think that okay, maybe I won't hang it on my wall but I really enjoyed making it and this is enough 💫 so next time when you stare at you blank white paper and hesitate to make the first brush-stroke, just clear your mind and do whatever your hand wants you to do. Don't think, start with the mindset that I'm just having fun and that's it ♥️🤪


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