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My name is Karola Siimson (artist name KARU). I'm an artist and photographer located in Tallinn Estonia. 

Art is my passion. It has always been. There were times when life "got on my way" and I got stuck with working on "real" job and I didn't create a single thing. But now I can't imagine my life without opening my sketch-book and having fun with colors. COLORS! I so love them! So many different shades and mediums and.... it's amazing how just one single color can affect your emotions and mindset. Just amazing! 

I've been photographer over 10 years now. What I like the most about photos, is that they are like frozen emotions, which can be relived. Like a video, what is paused in one specific moment. It's precious and delicate, timeless and unique. And I absolutely love it!

Karola Siimson
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Tel: +372 5520406


Tallinn, Estonia

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Karu Stuudio OÜ
IBAN: EE657700771003591777

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