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  • Karola Siimson

Waiting for the RIGHT MOMENT to create ⏰

I went on a vacation and took my art-goodies with me. I waited for the right moment and the inspiration to come and then create something awesome. I didn't create a thing.. 👀

I bought a beautiful notebook and waited for that inspirational moment. It din't come.. 🙍🏼‍♀️

I bought new art-supplies and continued to wait for my inspiration to come...

I followed some bad-ass artists and spent hours and days just watching some other people creating awesome stuff. I still didn't create..

I went to a bookstore and treated myself with a few new books 📚 I read them, I didn't do any art. "Maybe the time is not right for me.. I still don't have the inspiration.. maybe I need to wait some more.. maybe I need to go out and take a walk in the forest... maybe art is not for me..." 😢

Waiting for the right moment to come can take forever. You just have to start. Make a decision and do it! 💪 It's that simple. And don't push yourself too much, be gentle and start with no expectations. Maybe you have your favourite color or fav marker or pencil ✏️ Use them! Color a box or entire page or just doodle and enjoy the feeling when the marker touches the paper, be present and leave it there. It can be a small thing for you, but the fact is, that you started something and it's the most important thing 👌

Together, with my help, we are unlocking the blockages and starting to create again. Take this journey with me and let's fill those blank sketchbook pages with some art!


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