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  • Karola Siimson

Trip to northern Scandinavia

I love driving. It's like a meditation for me. And when the surrounddings are breathtaking, then I'm gone, totally lost in my own world where the hours pass in the same speed as minutes usually do.. and I can drive like this for weeks (good sleep is essential during long hours, be safe and take your time to charge your body).

When you are on a long trip, there is no time to take too many stops on the road, so you capture some special views on the go. Most of the times I just like to enjoy the beauty of the nature with my eyes and memorise the moments. It is really rare, when I take my camera with me. I made exception this time and really pushed myself to take photos of nature during this adventure.

I didn't use gps while taking photos then, so I can't comment where exactly the photos are taken. Our journey took place in 2017 autumn and started from Tallinn, Estonia and ended in Tromso, Norway. I started to take pictures somewhere in Abisko area, from where we headed to Kilppisjärvi (omg how beautiful place it is, deffinetly going back there and take longer hikes) and then to Tromso - Narvik - and back to Abisko.

During that road I did a lot of hiking with my co-driver Anneli and I conquered my first mountain (Østre Omasvarri, Balsfjord, 654m). Can't describe the feeling when I was standing there, surrounded by all the other mountains and being the only human there at the moment. The wind was so strong that it was almost impossible to stand still and take a sharp photo. Loved it! Love the nature!

* these photos have been waiting for so long to be published. Because of the Corona virus all photography projects are cancelled and it is perfect time for me to dig in my photo archives and give life to galleris, that I had forgotten or had no time to deal with.


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